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„More Bass!“ Vol. 06: Dusk & Blackdown, Matty G

„More Bass!“ appears bi-monthly in the review section of Groove magazine. Click here for the original German language version.

Keysound Video presents… Dusk + Blackdown: Margins Music

Dubstep is music from the margins by origin: It emerged from the southern outskirts of Greater London (Croydon, to be specific) and has always been heavily influencend by the diverse sounds and music coming from the side roads and backyards of the sprawling metropolis. Therefore „Margins Music“ is an appropriate title for the debut album of Dusk & Blackdown (Keysound).

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13.09.08: Sub.Island @ Conne Island, Leipzig

Sub.Island Flyer

Sa, 13.09.08 // 23 h // Conne Island (Koburger Str. 3, Leipzig)

Sub.Island // DMZ Special

Loefah (DMZ)
Coki (DMZ)
Danny Bwoy (Zoopersound)
Marina (Bassmaessage)
OneTake & Fujikoma (Sub.Island)
hosted by Instruktah D (Sequoia Outanational)

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Headhunter: „The Bass Has To Be Twisted!“

Interview with Headhunter via instant messenger, late July 2008.

Headhunter @ Freak Camp Session
Headhunter @ Freak Camp Session, Berlin, June 2008 (© zoopersound)

When did you start making beats and which kind of music were you into then?

„I started playing records in about 1998, which was mostly drum’n’bass. Teebee was my favourite producer and Subtitles was my favourite label. But there were some tunes that were being released that I could never find on vinyl. So that made me wanna produce. I thought it would be a good idea to make the same record rather than find the record.“

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